Friday, October 15, 2010

Whatcha Think?

Hey Friends and Round Up Buddies

I have been itching to make-over my site.
I love my old design- don't get me wrong...
it's just- some of the features are out-dated
I started this blog site when I was just a blog baby...
and I would organize things a little different
if I could do it over.

My old design was created with Crazy 8 design.. and she did an amazing job... so amazing.. she is super busy and not accepting any more work right now...

So I am
plugging along without her-

But I want to get your input.
Do you hate this design?
Kinda sterile?
I sorta like the -- more formal edge... less.. mommy/kiddo

But I don't want to lose the touch and feel- 'that any old mom can host a book club for kids'.

Is this design too impersonal?
Tell me whatcha think!

Thanks for your input.
Really: my goal in the end is to make this site- more user friendly.